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What is Kung-Fu?

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A while back I had the opportunity to watch a Chinese presentation led by a martial arts master regarding kung-fu.  When I started watching, I was expecting a lecture on historic lineage leading up to today.  Luckily it was anything but that.  The master started out by asking the question “What is kung-fu?” A few people did in-fact reference history and martial arts styles.

After listening for a few minutes he shook his head and everyone was confused.   Read the rest of this entry


College Apocalypse; 2012

It is 2012 and the end of the world as we knew it has commenced.  A Neurovirus has been released onto the majority of the students here at UMass.  The fire sprinkler systems were broken into, the Neuro-virus added and then, at the peak of the day, they were all set off simultaneously, effectively drenching the unexpecting and quickly irritated students.  The virus seeped into the body through cuts, scrapes, eyes and even the pores if left on the skin long enough.  All thanks to a junior writing professor and his whimsical mind and sporadic distaste for monotony, a few others and myself ended up outside, sitting on the steps of the Campus Center when this all occurred.  This spared us from the almost instantaneous Zombification process that occurred once the N-virus reached your blood system.

Now what?


Hide and Seek on the Moon

Pure silence.

Trying not to make a sound in this frozen world the boy opened his mouth wide to slowly let his breath out.  A faint puff of his misted breath hovered and then it too was gone, hiding from view.  KATOOOOOM! A sudden earth shattering explosion sent rocks and moon dust splintering through the air.  The creature had found him.  When you get tagged on the moon, there is no next time, there is only the end.

INSANTIY workout Challenge, Accepted !!!

I found out last week that my friends were ordering the Insanity workout set.  For those of you that do not know wha

t that is, it is basically P90X without weights, it is a high cardio and body-weight based daily workout regimen.  It goes on for 60 days and if you complete it you are sure to gain at least cardio abilities if not a lot more.

I started yesterday with 3 of my friends of varying physical abilities and we have agreed to continue to motivate eachother and to push as hard as we can.

let’s see just how much we can do!

Studying abroad in college is a hassle …

When I first started the study abroad applications at my university i thought that it would be pretty straight forward.  I would fill out a college application, similar to what i did for my current university in the USA, get a few letters of recommendation, print out an official transcript, and I would be on my merry way.

I was completely wrong.  The application process is full of interviews, tons of different applications, checking every last penny making sure you can afford to pay for every last thing, getting signatures from every other office on campus, and too much more.

Although I think it will be completely worth it in the end, once I am actually IN Japan, yet as of now it is taking a serious mental strain to keep up with everything.

I think keeping up to date about the process when I have time can be an interesting project, especially if everything goes according to plan.