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How to Advance as a Martial Artist (1)

Featured Image -- 980A friend of mine recently asked “How can I become a better martial artist?” That’s a pretty general question, so I said Read the rest of this entry


realization and desire; my plan

When I was 4 years old I started training in TaeKwonDo in Florida.  I continued for several years, entering in dozens of competitions along the way, traveling, meeting new people, and having amazing experiences.  Then I moved to NH and went a few years before I felt a longing to get back into the martial arts world.  I then moved to Kajukenpo and Pai lum kung fu, training in those styles for a few years and then injured myself, bringing my training to a sudden halt for about 2 years. Then switching back to Taekwondo after I had healed enough to train and getting my car so I could drive myself longer distances without relying on my parents. Once I entered college I continued practicing TaeKwonDo more and more and eventually entered my first collegiate competition.

Let’s just say it wasn’t my best set of results.  But at the same time I loved it, it didn’t matter if I had won or lost, it was about pushing myself and seeing what I was capable of, as well as what others were capable of.  From there I could see just how much work I needed to do to compete at their levels.  I was having an amazing time while balancing coursework, a part time job, friends, and TKD.  At the second competition I was leaner, faster, stronger, and smarter in the ways of competition fighting.  I still had a long way to go before I would be able to compete with the highest ranking competitors from universities and colleges like Harvard, MIT, NYU, UCLA and more, but I was starting to hold my own. Saddly that was my last competition at the collegiate level since, I just finished my Junior year in college and I have recently come into contact with the people I had trained under as well as the people I trained with in Florida as a small kid.

Since talking with everyone I have realized that I could do so much more, push myself so much farther, but only if I was the one who truly wanted to, if I was going to push, if I was going to dedicate my whole self into this.  There is no changing the past, and no use in wishing you had done something differently, there is only now, and the future that can be changed, but I will not let go of my past.

I have decided to dedicate myself to training every day in order to compete on the national level for TaeKwonDo.  I will not, cannot, slack off.  I will eat healthier,   go distance running, body-weight train, possibly weight-train, bike to and from work (6 or so miles each way), and most importantly I will practice TaeKwonDo every day.

My goals to reach are as follows;

-win a local TKD Tournament

-run a 5K

-be in great health/ shape

-compete in nationals

-maybe more to come later

This will not be easy and I will not pretend that it will be.  Yet that does not change the fact that I will give this everything I have.

College Apocalypse; 2012

It is 2012 and the end of the world as we knew it has commenced.  A Neurovirus has been released onto the majority of the students here at UMass.  The fire sprinkler systems were broken into, the Neuro-virus added and then, at the peak of the day, they were all set off simultaneously, effectively drenching the unexpecting and quickly irritated students.  The virus seeped into the body through cuts, scrapes, eyes and even the pores if left on the skin long enough.  All thanks to a junior writing professor and his whimsical mind and sporadic distaste for monotony, a few others and myself ended up outside, sitting on the steps of the Campus Center when this all occurred.  This spared us from the almost instantaneous Zombification process that occurred once the N-virus reached your blood system.

Now what?


Underwater martial arts competition; wouldn’t that be fun?

   Hajime! It starts with the officials shout, as the two competitors flip off the edge of their floating start points.  The two fighters become one with the water, swirling, pushing, and pulling at the crystal clear fluid.  Strength is not the most important part of this battle, staying calm; using specific movements to manipulate oneself through the pressure of 50 feet of water is a particular skill.  When the pair finally meets, an elegant series of movements ensues.  A flick of the foot can save you from a kick and a swing of the arm can leave you open to penetrating strikes.  One mistake and you may be left out of breath, 50 feet underwater with nowhere to go.

If I knew anyone with access to a nice underwater camera and a pool, or even some form of a clear water source, I would be all for underwater action photo shoots.  Add in some random spontaneity, passion, and fun and my happiness would be absolute. Until I tried to top it the next day of course.

I would be excited and worried for the opportunity to compete in an underwater martial arts competition.  I’m not sure if this would be feasible in consideration of only forms or if sparring would be included.  Either way, it makes me energized just thinking about it.

Harbingers of Spring

The sky opens up; pushing back the gloom of grey and infusing the world with vibrancies that set the eyes and hearts ablaze.  The fresh, crisp wind blows just enough to tickle your senses into a giddy smile.  With this bliss and light-heartedness come the unpleasantness of fluctuating weather patterns and the despised first waves of mosquito battalions out for first blood.  The want to sit in the nook of a tree and read something so full heartedly that your mind creates a movie through the mind, not even noticing the words on the page, but seeing the events firsthand.  All leading up to the torrential downpour during a thunderstorm, raising the hairs on your body from head to toe until you are carried into the rain enticed into dancing your worries away until you have been set free.

Insanity Day 5: cardio cardio cardio (pure cardio)

Today was a definite sweat you butt off day.  We started out with the usual warm-up and jumped right into a full body pusher.

Oddly enough it seems th

at the simplest of the drills are the hardest, probably since there is such a short time of span between each rep.  Either way I think I have decided upon a favorite drill so far in the Insanity Workout collection, The Mummy kicks.  This one is tough but simple and drains my arms more than anything else.

This week the abdominal workout was not included but I think it starts with the next session.
I have started to consider if my meals are the best for my goals, but as a college student I am relying on what is available from the dinning commons, for the most part, and locally in town on special occasions.  Soooooo that can be anywhere from a great balanced meal to a meat lovers pizza… not the best in consistency I think haha.  Then again before this I was only working out 2 days a week and now I am doing 6 so we will see if that is enough to make a significant difference or not.Tomorrow is the last day of our training before a rest day and I’m not sure whether I should be worried or excited to see what’s in store for us.

Insanity Day 4: Carido Recovery was great ;)

So far today was the most relaxed of the workouts Insanity  has thrown at us.  The easiest way to describe the workout would be power yoga and feel the legs burn!

This was unexpected but a great surprise.  It worked out our core, legs, gluts,  and more.  This is my favorite so far since it is straightforward, yet still very effective.  It was not as completely draining and exhausting as the other days, but it still made me sweat and have to push myself.

It seems that everyone was doing better today, not as beat and sore before the workout, and had a lot more energy to offer.  The focus on slower movements was a blessing for 2 of my friends that had eaten just before showing up…I thought they would lose their food by the end of the 10th minute, but the change-up saved them 😉

INSANTIY workout Challenge, Accepted !!!

I found out last week that my friends were ordering the Insanity workout set.  For those of you that do not know wha

t that is, it is basically P90X without weights, it is a high cardio and body-weight based daily workout regimen.  It goes on for 60 days and if you complete it you are sure to gain at least cardio abilities if not a lot more.

I started yesterday with 3 of my friends of varying physical abilities and we have agreed to continue to motivate eachother and to push as hard as we can.

let’s see just how much we can do!

“Breaking in” Hit TV show on FOX Episode 2 Tuesday night

“Breaking in”  the Hit TV show on FOX will be showing the second Episode of  this season At 9:30 on fox! (March 27th)

Breaking In is a great show based on the idea of a company that operates by being hired to break into places to test their security before actual theives tried to.  This is one of my favorite shows and gets better with every episode I’ve seen. The episode will have some reference to indiana jones…sean patrick flattery who played young indiana jones will be a guest i believe.

If you haven’t been following this series at least check it out, I think you’ll like it 😉

Be sure to go and check it out and let me know what you think.