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How to Advance as a Martial Artist (3)


Part 3 of the How to Advance as a Martial Artist:

Be open minded

Try new (more…)


How to Advance as a Martial Artist (2)

enzouji-in-fallPart 2 of the How to Advance as a Martial Artist:

Record yourself, and Read the rest of this entry

How to Advance as a Martial Artist (1)

Featured Image -- 980A friend of mine recently asked “How can I become a better martial artist?” That’s a pretty general question, so I said Read the rest of this entry

“Trick”「トリック」Japanese Drama Ep.1&2 Review

This is the second Japanese Drama series that I have decided to review:

Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Suspense

Category: Japanese Drama

Film Date: June, 2000

Episodes: 10

After browsing through a bunch of Japanese dramas from a few recommendations , and at random, I decided to watch the Japanese drama “Trick”「トリック」.  I just finished the second episode and so far I am still interested to see where this drama will go from here.  The main idea of “Trick” is based on a Physicist who does not believe in supernatural powers and a Magician who tricks people into thinking magic is real investigating a string of murders.  At this point “Trick” keeps me wondering for a good period of time and later explains how things were done.

There is definitely potential for this drama, so I have high expectations for it.  Unlike 「日本人の知らない日本語」(The Japanese that Japanese People don’t know)  the characters are not as relatable to the everyday people on how they act, and the situations they are in. Yet there are still enough aspects of personality, mannerisms and worries that manage to connect to the audience.  I’m hoping for more intensity and interesting episodes, but I am worried that the story may run dry before the series ends.  We will see.

If there is anything in particular that you feel is worth checking out, or avoiding, let me know!