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How to Advance as a Martial Artist (3)


Part 3 of the How to Advance as a Martial Artist:

Be open minded

Try new (more…)


How to Advance as a Martial Artist (2)

enzouji-in-fallPart 2 of the How to Advance as a Martial Artist:

Record yourself, and Read the rest of this entry

How to Advance as a Martial Artist (1)

Featured Image -- 980A friend of mine recently asked “How can I become a better martial artist?” That’s a pretty general question, so I said Read the rest of this entry

What is Kung-Fu?

Photo 3-5-16, 3 54 28 PM (1)

A while back I had the opportunity to watch a Chinese presentation led by a martial arts master regarding kung-fu.  When I started watching, I was expecting a lecture on historic lineage leading up to today.  Luckily it was anything but that.  The master started out by asking the question “What is kung-fu?” A few people did in-fact reference history and martial arts styles.

After listening for a few minutes he shook his head and everyone was confused.   Read the rest of this entry

Harbingers of Spring

The sky opens up; pushing back the gloom of grey and infusing the world with vibrancies that set the eyes and hearts ablaze.  The fresh, crisp wind blows just enough to tickle your senses into a giddy smile.  With this bliss and light-heartedness come the unpleasantness of fluctuating weather patterns and the despised first waves of mosquito battalions out for first blood.  The want to sit in the nook of a tree and read something so full heartedly that your mind creates a movie through the mind, not even noticing the words on the page, but seeing the events firsthand.  All leading up to the torrential downpour during a thunderstorm, raising the hairs on your body from head to toe until you are carried into the rain enticed into dancing your worries away until you have been set free.