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How to Advance as a Martial Artist (1)

This is my new page called Aizu Arts, I will be focusing on Japan, Martial arts, and more. Check out my first post in the new series!

Aizu Arts

A friend of mine recently asked “How can I become a better martial artist?” That’s a pretty general question, so I said 

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The CIR Interview Perspective

First things first- you really need to prepare. The best thing that you can do to pass the interview is intelligently use the time that you have before the interview. With the interviews coming up really soon (maybe some of them already happened?) you’re going to want to already have at least a couple weeks of anticipating questions, and preparing and rehearsing your answers under your belt. In my case, I studied with my parents, my girlfriend, Japanese teachers at my university, my roommates and by myself for 3 weeks before my interview and I probably could have used another week or so. Read the rest of this entry

JET Application (Part 4): The Interview

JET int tips mem

Hi all, by now they should have announced (or will soon) who made it to the interview stage. Congratulations to those of you that made it to the next stage, and for those of you that did not,  don`t give up! Try again next year!  Now there are a few things to do before your interview, and the requirements could change, but what I remember is needing to have a passport photo attached to a sheet with my general information on it that you hand in upon arrival.  If you already have passport photos, but don`t like what they look like, retake them,and not the morning of the interview … like I did… that is one headache you don`t need! Read the rest of this entry

JET Application, the Wait!! (Part 3)

JET meme

There are two main times where you`re between steps and have nothing more to do until you hear back, I like to call this the “Dreadful Wait” stage.  This is the first and potentially hardest. Read the rest of this entry




私の本もとの出身は、年中暑いフロリダです。中学生の時にニューハンプシャー州の北部に引っ越しました。気候は会津地方と似ています。 Read the rest of this entry

I think we can all relate ;)

I feel like this is something that happens to everyone. This is my second video so feel free to let me know what you think, as it’s just one of the random things that pops into my head.

“Breaking in” Hit TV show on FOX Episode 2 Tuesday night

“Breaking in”  the Hit TV show on FOX will be showing the second Episode of  this season At 9:30 on fox! (March 27th)

Breaking In is a great show based on the idea of a company that operates by being hired to break into places to test their security before actual theives tried to.  This is one of my favorite shows and gets better with every episode I’ve seen. The episode will have some reference to indiana jones…sean patrick flattery who played young indiana jones will be a guest i believe.

If you haven’t been following this series at least check it out, I think you’ll like it 😉

Be sure to go and check it out and let me know what you think.

Time for a midnight run

It has been so long since I’ve gone for a late night run, especially since I’ve done a midnight run.  I am excited to see how it goes; have i become too lethargic? am i still in decent running shape? we’ll see 😉

I think that doing anything can become more mystical and peaceful if done at Midnight, share some experiences that you’ve had at the time between two days.

Challenges :UPDATE

sorry for disappearing for a while.  College exams took over the last month of my life.  I have been concentrating on all that and I haven’t posted in a while.

All of the Challenges were put on hold.  I am officially starting up the challenges again.

That includes :

-No sugar


and I will actually be starting another more soon, having to do with a daily workout focusing on core, upper, lower, and slow motion leg movement improvement.