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the Korean martial art, specializing in leg techniques.

realization and desire; my plan

When I was 4 years old I started training in TaeKwonDo in Florida.  I continued for several years, entering in dozens of competitions along the way, traveling, meeting new people, and having amazing experiences.  Then I moved to NH and went a few years before I felt a longing to get back into the martial arts world.  I then moved to Kajukenpo and Pai lum kung fu, training in those styles for a few years and then injured myself, bringing my training to a sudden halt for about 2 years. Then switching back to Taekwondo after I had healed enough to train and getting my car so I could drive myself longer distances without relying on my parents. Once I entered college I continued practicing TaeKwonDo more and more and eventually entered my first collegiate competition.

Let’s just say it wasn’t my best set of results.  But at the same time I loved it, it didn’t matter if I had won or lost, it was about pushing myself and seeing what I was capable of, as well as what others were capable of.  From there I could see just how much work I needed to do to compete at their levels.  I was having an amazing time while balancing coursework, a part time job, friends, and TKD.  At the second competition I was leaner, faster, stronger, and smarter in the ways of competition fighting.  I still had a long way to go before I would be able to compete with the highest ranking competitors from universities and colleges like Harvard, MIT, NYU, UCLA and more, but I was starting to hold my own. Saddly that was my last competition at the collegiate level since, I just finished my Junior year in college and I have recently come into contact with the people I had trained under as well as the people I trained with in Florida as a small kid.

Since talking with everyone I have realized that I could do so much more, push myself so much farther, but only if I was the one who truly wanted to, if I was going to push, if I was going to dedicate my whole self into this.  There is no changing the past, and no use in wishing you had done something differently, there is only now, and the future that can be changed, but I will not let go of my past.

I have decided to dedicate myself to training every day in order to compete on the national level for TaeKwonDo.  I will not, cannot, slack off.  I will eat healthier,   go distance running, body-weight train, possibly weight-train, bike to and from work (6 or so miles each way), and most importantly I will practice TaeKwonDo every day.

My goals to reach are as follows;

-win a local TKD Tournament

-run a 5K

-be in great health/ shape

-compete in nationals

-maybe more to come later

This will not be easy and I will not pretend that it will be.  Yet that does not change the fact that I will give this everything I have.

Challenges :UPDATE

sorry for disappearing for a while.  College exams took over the last month of my life.  I have been concentrating on all that and I haven’t posted in a while.

All of the Challenges were put on hold.  I am officially starting up the challenges again.

That includes :

-No sugar


and I will actually be starting another more soon, having to do with a daily workout focusing on core, upper, lower, and slow motion leg movement improvement.

splits and leg stretching machines Challenge#2 (beginning measurements)

Alright!!!! The long awaited deluxe leg stretching machine has come in!!!!! the official starting measurements are;


leg length: roughly 37 inches long from point of rotation in hip.

straddle split length(from heel of foot to heel of foot): 72 inches (6 feet long)

straddle split distance from floor:8 inches

[free standing straddle split distance: 9 inches]

Right foot front split length:68inches

Right foot front split distance from ground:7.5 inches

Left foot Front split length:68 inches

Left foot Front split distance from floor:7.5 inches


proper technique, stretching, cardio, dedication,core and ingenuity


If there is anything that taekwondo has made clear about martial arts, it is how important proper technique, stretching, cardio, dedication, your core and ingenuity are.

These points define you as a martial artist.  Great technique does not mean that all the other points are great, but that the body receives less strain and more benefits.  proper technique also means less effort, and better use of the energy exerted.  Stretching increases the bodies’ physical  potential.  with more flexibility there is less worry of injuring yourself.  you also tend to feel better and have nicer posture if stretches are performed correctly.  Your cardio levels directly affect you ability to perform in practice,competition, sparing, training and especially real life situations. 

Without dedication martial arts can still teach you alot, but it will only be the tip of the iceberg.  with dedication you can reach new levels of martial arts, and it shows in everything else you do.  Your core muscles are incredibly important for controlling your balance for kicks, strikes, and for having an agile self.  Yet the most important thing for a martial artist is ingenuity.

You must be able to think on your toes, adapt to the situation, and think outside of the box.  Having an open mind and understanding are also developed and help you to enjoy every moment.

I know that there is so much more to martial arts, and everyone has different experiences yet these are often neglected.  Keep that in mind the next time you think about yourself in relation to martial arts.