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Hoping to start Shotokan for the first time next semester at a local university.

splits and leg stretching machines Challenge#2 (beginning measurements)

Alright!!!! The long awaited deluxe leg stretching machine has come in!!!!! the official starting measurements are;


leg length: roughly 37 inches long from point of rotation in hip.

straddle split length(from heel of foot to heel of foot): 72 inches (6 feet long)

straddle split distance from floor:8 inches

[free standing straddle split distance: 9 inches]

Right foot front split length:68inches

Right foot front split distance from ground:7.5 inches

Left foot Front split length:68 inches

Left foot Front split distance from floor:7.5 inches


Shotokan Karate official#1

shotokan emblem

It has begun!  I have officially started taking my Shotokan Karate classes as of January 26th, 2011  at a University close to my campus.  Sadly it isn’t offered at my own University so i have to travel a bit by car to get there, but I think it is worth it.

Since this is a beginning Shotokan course i feel that it is going a good speed for the people that have never done a martial art before, but for myself and a few others it is rather slow…  I feel kind of bad being experienced in another martial art and participating as a beginner, but those are the rules and i also enjoy learning things from the beginning.  The idea of hoping ranks is a tough subject, but i like knowing in my heart that i have everything down and being confident in every style i know.

The new terminology is alot of fun seeing as one of my majors is Japanese, so there is new vocabulary and such.

i am hoping more people show up for the next class, since the bad weather seemed to cut the class size in half of what was registered to attend.

Trying Something New (Shotokan Karate)

I have signed up for a Shotokan Karate class at a brother university and I am awaiting their response to my home university.  This is not something that I expect to subtract from school work, since I already dedicate time out of the day for martial arts and exercise.  I look forward to the opportunity of learning a new form of martial arts and expanding my knowledge.  

I am curious to the opinions of others that have practiced/studied Shotokan in the past as well as are still presently practicing.  Have your experiences been good? Bad? Both? 

Since I will be participating in a formal class again I intend to increase my workout intensity and my stretching.  By the end of next semester I am specifically aiming to regain my straddle split, and my front splits ( i will also be posting this last statement under my “Goals” Category).