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OH NO!!!!! Scared for the hunger games!

I saw something moments ago that scared me horribly….There were Team Peeta and Team Gale shirts, stickers

and more for sale and all I could think of was Twilight… PLEASSSSSEEEEEEEEE don’t let this become a twisted after-version of everyone fighting over “who is better” and so on.


The Hunger Games…now i want to learn to hunt (movie/book comments)

I don’t know about you but after reading The Hunger Games and watching it as well I am being hit by wave after wave of a need to learn to hunt!  I have an urgent lust for skills such as hunting, trapping,  edible plants, bow and arrow use, knife throwing, water purification, increased weapon knowledge, rope tying, and sooooooo much more!  Gyms should definitely make all of these available!

(SPOILER ALERT)Moving on a bit I thought the book was amazing and the film was pretty darn well made.  Although there are things that I have to say threw me off a bit:

    • cut out madge
    • hardly any of the fights were shown in-depth
    • the sleeping medicine was cut
    • the wounds on the characters were not emphasized a ton
    • Werewolf like creations from the dead contestants were made into dog things…
  • what about peeta loosing his leg?
  • Why did the guy from District 11 get killed by dogs?
  • body armor anyone?

Those were the main things that I could remember several hours after seeing the film, but I still have to say that it w
as very well done.  Maybe the directors cut will have more in-depth scenes and  will have different parts that were cut for time.

I have to say I was getting emotional from the start  when Katniss sings to her sister as a foreshadow of Rue.  t
here was an interesting scene added to represent District 11’s respectful sign that was really well made and so on.

what did you think?

The Hunger Games, great book, please not a let down film

Last week I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins over a two day period.  I was quickly drawn into the plot, I found the characters well defined and I thought that the book was written simply yet I was proud to have read it.  I felt happy that I had read this book, unlike the twilight, and gladly moved onto the next book.  The Hunger Games brought a roller-coaster of intense battles, interesting survival tidbits and even a strange love triangle that isn’t really a triangle…but it is.

That all said I think the book was great and I’m anxious about the upcoming release of the movie on March 23rd.  Book into film transitions can either be absolute amazing works that stun you and keep you on your toes even when you know what’s coming, or they can be a complete let-down, making fans and those interested upset that they had wasted their time and money.  One book to film flop that is still bugging me is Eragon … This was a pretty good book, that was turned into a horrendous movie.

Of course I’m hoping for the epic option but we will soon see.  If I can I will be heading to the local premier but they might sell out before I get out of work so keep me in the loop for your opinions.

All I can say is… Good luck 😉