Cursed Holymans of NYC

The HolyMan and its victim...

The HolyMan and its victim…

The Holymans’ casualties have claimed yet another unsuspecting victim as a snow storm turned to a lovely onslaught of sleet/ freezing rain in this frigid Iceland we call NYC.

Casualties left spilled drops ofliquid gold, many a sore behind, and even near cataclysmic events of the “slipping dropkick of con-flailing (confused flailing)”.  This consists of Victim A running to catch their cross signal and is sent sprawling for balance.  Their hands and feet flail as they desperately try to right themselves, missing another innocently scuttling bystander’s face (Victim B) by a mere wisp of hair.

As a friend from out-of-town I and looked on, several before us fell victim.

In an attempt to warn people of the impending doom, the remnants of a fallen ☆bucks cup was placed atop the Holyman, but to no avail.  One after another, apparently blinded by the pelting needles of ice, drinks flew, egos & butts were bruised alike this day.

As the onslaught reached its peak, a kind soul carved a path in the ice and cast salt upon the land, saving the next wave of blinded bundles from the Cursed Holymans of NYC.


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spontaneity - check open minded- check optimistic- check 一期一会 - check I am a College grad, managing the daily work load, a social life, and personal hobbies. I love martial arts and am interested in seeing the world and it's cultures.

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