Animal’s View

Animal’s View

Cat: Hey Mike, did you ever notice how those stupid humans always mix us up with you dogs?

Dog: Oh, here we go again…

C: Don’t “Oh, here we go” me! They think that because you dogs always wag your tail when you’re happy-

D: YEAH we dooooooo!

C: As I was saying, because of that, every time they pick us up and our tails start moving, they think we’re happy!

D: How could you NOT be happy??

C: *side-long look* I’m a wild animal, a hunter, they assist me with a palace and treat me with delicacies from across the world.

D: Wild…Animal? You live in a house.

C: I leave them gifts for their services and they humbly accept and place it in their tall shrine.

D: Hey~~do you think they like the birds or the snakes more? Maybe they-

C: *Hushed*SILENCE!

D: *Whisper* What?…

C: *Hissed* Bird, 9 O’clock

D: Bird? Should I bark?!!!!!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!

C: I said Shush! Go catch that rampid tail trying to hide behind you >.>

D:   (>^OwO^)> OH? TAIL?! Where? Where?! I’ll get it this time!

C:  …and… the preyyy…. Is within range…

D: GWOT IT!!!!!

C:Damn it, it flew away~… noisy mutt. *Sigh* next time little birdy, next time.

D: Oh yeah, why do you wag your tail?

C: I don’t “WAG” my tail.  When I’m agitated I lightly smack them or their general direction because my talons are too much for them to handle.  They aren’t hunters.

D:Uhhhhhhh huh… Doyouthinkthere’sanyfoodinside?!


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spontaneity - check open minded- check optimistic- check 一期一会 - check I am a College grad, managing the daily work load, a social life, and personal hobbies. I love martial arts and am interested in seeing the world and it's cultures.

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