The Hunger Games, great book, please not a let down film

Last week I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins over a two day period.  I was quickly drawn into the plot, I found the characters well defined and I thought that the book was written simply yet I was proud to have read it.  I felt happy that I had read this book, unlike the twilight, and gladly moved onto the next book.  The Hunger Games brought a roller-coaster of intense battles, interesting survival tidbits and even a strange love triangle that isn’t really a triangle…but it is.

That all said I think the book was great and I’m anxious about the upcoming release of the movie on March 23rd.  Book into film transitions can either be absolute amazing works that stun you and keep you on your toes even when you know what’s coming, or they can be a complete let-down, making fans and those interested upset that they had wasted their time and money.  One book to film flop that is still bugging me is Eragon … This was a pretty good book, that was turned into a horrendous movie.

Of course I’m hoping for the epic option but we will soon see.  If I can I will be heading to the local premier but they might sell out before I get out of work so keep me in the loop for your opinions.

All I can say is… Good luck 😉


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  1. Two days reading, huh?
    That’s about what it was for me, for the first book. I bought the Kindle version (the entire trilogy) one Monday about, oh, five minutes after I finished the free sample. That Wednesday I started book two, and then I had the whole trilogy finished by that Friday.
    That love triangle remained a weird point for me; I kept wanting one thing (one of two things, eventually) to happen and expecting something else entirely, so there was no way for me not to be slightly disappointed at the outcome.

    “either be absolute amazing works…or a complete letdown”
    Too true. There never seems to be any middle ground.
    Not that middle ground is a good thing, but it’d be nice if they’d be “okay” instead of the complete letdown.
    I realize that some things don’t translate well to film, but too often it looks like the stories are changed dramatically when they don’t need to be.

    Just out of curiosity, what didn’t you like about the Eragon film?
    I know what I had problems with, but that doesn’t mean everybody shares my opinion. 😉

    • That whole love triangle theme is popular in almost any series, and only sometimes do you get the desired outcome, then again, there is nothing wrong with that. Yet I just hope the triangles do not make the characters seem unintelligent as it has happened in the past.

      I don’t remember Eragon very well as a movie, but I do remember the most upsetting part for me. The whole of the book showed the eventual transformation of the dragon, yet in the film it magically exploded in size mid-flight… not at all as it should have happened and it took away a part of the feel.

      • Okay, yeah, the transformation was a weird thing, but my brain insists on chalking that one up to “some things don’t translate well into film.” To properly deal with her growth, they’d have to portray how much time again? And do it well, without making the film too long, but also without feeling like they just fast-forwarded past the boring stuff.
        I think the scene as done in the movie would have been cool enough…if it had also happened that way in the book.

        Then there was also the “meeting” with Angela.
        And the obvious lack of werecats.
        And…I don’t know what the deal was with the Urgals, which I’m pretty sure were NOT “barbarian humans” in the book.

        My biggest problem, though, was with Eragon and Mortagh seeking out the Varden; I’d started wondering long before then if the movie-makers or script writers had even bothered to read the book, and this was, to be cliche, the last straw.
        I mean, book-Mortagh wanted to AVOID the Varden, with good reason. Why did movie-Murtagh look so darn eager to reach them?

        And it kind of looks like the meeting at the end between Eragon and Arya ignored the fact that there was a second book.
        Let alone a third and a fourth.

        So, if you get to see Hunger Games, what scene(s) are you looking forward to the most? Assuming the movie stays true to the book.
        Mine is Katniss versus the roast pig :D, and…I think any of the scenes with Rue.

      • well i think you basically hit all the key points they did poorly, although im sure there were more.

        In regards to the Hunger Games i look forward to seeing how they portray all of the emotions between the characters, especially the cave scenes since she was doing it specifically for the crowd. the tracker jacker tree with Rue is a definite one, as well as the training sessions in the capital. there are a few others that im sure will stand out but i don’t want to give anything away like the ending, i wonder how they will recreate that.

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