To all of the martial artists out there, Lonesome fighters

I think that there is a major difference between people that study martial arts, and people that do not, when it comes to how they think, the things they like to do, and the general vibe they give off.  This also extends into the different styles of martial arts, and of course the individual plays a major part.

I often find myself looking for people that share this love of martial arts like I do, yet it is a surprisingly hard to find interest.  I wold like to have a group of people that feel as I do to train with, hang out with, share experiences with and push ourselves for our personal reasons as well as a whole.

Now I am not saying that there are not tons fantastic people out there that do not love martial arts. People often see it as just a hobby, others may be trying it as a new way to workout/ stay fit, they think it looks cool, or they think that they can get magical abilities because of over-the-top movies and stories about martial artists and such. And that’s fine as long as it’s what they are looking for.

To me, martial arts is part of who I am, there have been times of struggle, joy, loss, sweat, blood, tears, and everything in between.  There was a period of a few years when I stopped practicing martial arts all together.  I think that it was during this time that I realized what martial arts meant to me, and I had to start again.  I would like to think that others have this same love.

I have a question for other martial artists out there.  Have you ever had this feeling of needing to search for others like this? Or have you had any similar experiences? Maybe you actually found your group or something of that sort?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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spontaneity - check open minded- check optimistic- check 一期一会 - check I am a College grad, managing the daily work load, a social life, and personal hobbies. I love martial arts and am interested in seeing the world and it's cultures.

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  1. Mindofyan,

    You are not alone in your feelings for martial arts. Believe me that I and other have felt and do feel the way that you do. At times, it may seem like no one else understands. It can be especially difficult when loved ones, like a girlfriend, don’t seem to understand. That hurts. Sometimes it seems impossible to find someone who will understand. I feel fortunate to have the instructor I have and to be part of the Hagsaeng Naebu group.

    • When it comes to a girlfriend it can certainly be difficult to express passions for martial arts. It is a dedication, a love, and a part of us. It is not something that stops when we are out of the dojo/dojang/ etc.

      It seems that you are pretty lucky to have found your group, and are thriving in that, congratulations!

      • I totally agree with you. Martial arts is an inseparable part of us; it’s who we are!!!

        I’m sure you can find a similar group. Are there perhaps people of a similar mind to you in any of your classes?

      • 100%

        not at the moment, but you never know, maybe someone will surprise me, you never know!

  2. You sound like a true Martial Artist, and all I can say, keep on training and staying with it.
    I am very fortunate in that I have found a true Master and a group of people around her that share the same feelings.

    I feel the same way, Martial Arts training is not a hobby for me and not a sport, but my way of life that I treasure.

    Thanks for liking my blog post and I wish you much luck in all you do!

  3. Well, let’s be honest. At some point or another, us martial artists kinda wished we’d be developing magical powers!

    All kidding aside, yes it is an existence and journey that few understand. Whether we’d be training “traditional”, “reality”, or a mix of both – few people outside of the serious training groups truly understand.

    PS I feel you about the girlfriend portion. I have yet to date one seriously since training but I do feel that few girls can understand.

    • I think most of us do haha. But there comes a point when you just move on and push yourself to make magic out of everyday, rather than wishing for magical powers.

      Same here, but I wonder why… The only reason I have come up with so far is that (at least speaking for myself) I am too nice and respectful to women. As strange as that sounds, this is along the lines of the sad truth to how the nice guys tend to finish last.
      but i’m not going to become something im not 😉

      • Hah, it’s funny you mentioned the nice guy part. Not too long ago a bunch of videos on youtube surfaced regarding the “last guys finish last” phenomena. Do I agree with it? Sadly yes – mainly because I was once a “nice guy”.

        As for my own martial experience, I’d say Aikido has created me to be more balanced in many respects. Though it’s still an ongoing process. *knocks on wood*.

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