Shotokan Karate official#1

shotokan emblem

It has begun!  I have officially started taking my Shotokan Karate classes as of January 26th, 2011  at a University close to my campus.  Sadly it isn’t offered at my own University so i have to travel a bit by car to get there, but I think it is worth it.

Since this is a beginning Shotokan course i feel that it is going a good speed for the people that have never done a martial art before, but for myself and a few others it is rather slow…  I feel kind of bad being experienced in another martial art and participating as a beginner, but those are the rules and i also enjoy learning things from the beginning.  The idea of hoping ranks is a tough subject, but i like knowing in my heart that i have everything down and being confident in every style i know.

The new terminology is alot of fun seeing as one of my majors is Japanese, so there is new vocabulary and such.

i am hoping more people show up for the next class, since the bad weather seemed to cut the class size in half of what was registered to attend.


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spontaneity - check open minded- check optimistic- check 一期一会 - check I am a College grad, managing the daily work load, a social life, and personal hobbies. I love martial arts and am interested in seeing the world and it's cultures.

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