Trip to Japan, with a little more details. Part 1

I started my trip in the northeast of the USA and woke up by 3:30am in order to get on the road to the airport nice and early.  Bags packed, and ready to go i drove to my uncles  and then hit the road to the airport. 

Whenever I Travel I always tend to over pack.  I’m never sire of what would be appropriate for a few days to a week.  I had a big duffel bag and my backpack, while my uncle only had a medium-sized piece of rolling luggage and his backpack.   I will just go with the idea that I was leaving room for souvenirs…right.

After arriving at the airport the hype started to really hit me. This was the first time for me to leave the country, and the journey to Japan, the place I had been dreaming to see, was about to come materialize.  I was seated in economy plus for the short connecting flight to Chicago, and for the flight from Chicago to the Narita airport in Japan.  By some stroke of luck I was upgraded to First class for the short flight, and Business class for the international flight! Never having flown internationally I didn’t really know how nice the upgrade was until the flight back in economy plus seating.  We took off for Chicago and i had only slept about 2-3 hours the night before with all the hype, so I passed out for the couple hour flight and recharged a bit.

In Chicago we exchanged some US money for the Japanese Yen.  The Exchange rate was even worse than I thought it was, plus the handlers’ fee but it was still a fun experience.  Then we waited in the United lounge for our flight.

We boarded the double-decker plane and we seated on the upper floor.  Business class was pretty ridiculous, lots of food, drinks, 15 inch screens for each person, with a remote so you could pick out of movies, TV shows, video games, music and more.  The seats were fully reclining, turning into beds so you could sleep more comfortably.  The flight was about 12 hours if I remember correctly but it passed fast enough that I didn’t really mind it too much.

I Landed in Japan at the Nariata international airport and headed for the check in. 

I must have looked nervous, I was stopped and asked a few questions at both the passport check in and the baggage check.  It didn’t take long so it was fine.  I finally had the first things added to my passport. I received the temporary visa, and a departure tag thing.  We had a driver pick us up at the front of the airport and drove us back to our hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo. 

I was horribly nervous to be in Japan and to use my Japanese.  I had been practicing and studying for this, but I was still nervous just the same.  I started off with a few greetings to the driver and asked a few questions.  The first questions were pretty jumbled up and probably didn’t make any sense, but the driver was nice and understood the second time.  By the end of the ride I was feeling a little more confident and was still bristling with excitement for Tokyo. 

Our hotel was the Keio Plaza and it had great views of the city from the room.  It was funny seeing all the Christmas decorations throughout the city even though it was thanksgiving.  But the celebrations of course differ between the USA and Japan.  I’m not going to really get into that now though.

Alright more info soon to come.



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