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I am a Japanese language major in an intensive Japanese course, so far, I’ve survived…

It is pretty strange that I choose Japanese as a major seeing as it is very difficult for me to learn languages.  Yet I think it balances itself out with how much I enjoy the feeling of speaking with others in another tongue, as well as the glimpse of the cultures that come with languages.

Training in martial arts since I was a young has heavily influenced my interest in the Japanese language and culture.  After I become fluent in Japanese I plan on learning Chinese, and Korean.  I would then be able to travel to the countries where these languages are spoken and learn the traditional martial arts from each country.  Fully immersing myself in the culture and the language without relying on a translator, or another’s English-speaking ability.

I don’t know what the national standards are for languages taught in middle and high schools, but at the grade schools I attended, Asian languages were not offered.  A few of my friends on exchange from Japan have told me that most middle and high schools in Japan offer the English language to their students.  By including more language options in the USA schooling systems,s new door would be opened in the aspect of a persons’ ability to understand another’s perspective across the globe.  Thinking of my personal situation, I can only imagine what I would be doing right now if I had been taught Japanese since middle school.


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spontaneity - check open minded- check optimistic- check 一期一会 - check I am a College grad, managing the daily work load, a social life, and personal hobbies. I love martial arts and am interested in seeing the world and it's cultures.

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